Hi, I am Erica, a queer somatic healer who focuses on issues of abandonment, anxiety, anger, grief, trauma, holistic and spiritual health. My approach is intuitive, and you will find me non-judgmental, caring and interactive with you in your process.

I have been on my own journey through the fire, and would like to extend a hand to help you make your way through yours.

I have a certificate in Relational Somatic Healing, a somatic touch practice that is grounded in Hakomi, incorporating an understanding of neuroscience, poly-vagal and attachment theory with cranio-sacral and relational methods.

This form of somatic touch work happens on a massage table, fully clothed. It involves light holds and somatic inquiry.

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If touch is something that might be supportive of your process, we can discuss this. It is not necessary in order for therapy to work, but can be a healing addition.

Contact me at: counselingwitherica@gmail.com


My practice is framed in the understanding that we live in a culture built on systemic injustice. One of my passions is working with people around understanding the ways they are affected by it, addressing those harms, and healing from them.

These are exciting, scary and heartbreaking times. All of your process is welcome here: grief, anger, rage, numbness, or something else.

“Things are not getting worse, they are getting uncovered. We must hold each other tight, and continue to pull back the veil.” - adrienne maree brown