Nature Based Healing:

Ecotherapy is a healing path that supports you in accessing your inner wisdom through connection to nature. I am a certified ecotherapist, and enjoy accessing the earth as part of the therapeutic process.

The practice incorporates nature-based guided visualizations and connection to ancestors and natural elements. I also offer outdoor ritual sessions if it is relevant to our work, or a walking and talking session as a way to support your process.

I believe part of our problem as a culture, and why we are suffering from so much disconnect, is our disenfranchisement from ourselves as animals and as part of the web of life. The more we can reconnect to ourselves as part of nature, the more whole and embodied we have the potential to become.

Ecotherapy is a new name for ancient ways of being, practiced and lived by First Nation peoples all over the world. I honor the Ohlone Chochenyo and Karkin, the indigenous people of this land I am on, the East Bay of California. Please consider joining me in contributing to a land tax to the peoples from this area. Support Sogorea Te Land Trust, an urban Indigenous women-led community organization requisitioning their land.